Monday, 5 January 2015

3 Ways to Write Faster and Submit Your Articles Quicker

As a working writer, there may come a time when you'll want to increase your income without increasing the amount of hours you work, or maybe you'll just want to decrease the hours you work without decreasing the amount of money you earn. Either way, there are actually a few methods to accomplishing this. Each of my tips begins by first ascribing to the simple premise that, "If I can write faster I will have the opportunity to make more money".
There really are only so many hours in the day, and even fewer of those hours can be used productively. You cannot manufacture more time, so instead of trying to find more hours in the day to write, why not strive to make better use of the hours you already have? By utilizing good time management skills, and implementing a few simple methods that allow you to physically work more quickly, you should be able to write an article in less time than it currently takes.
I'm certain some of you already use these techniques, at least in part, and others use your own time savingg techniques. We all have our personal ways of doing things, but if you put a little effor in and are not opposed to changing a thing or two, you may find your writing sessions can be even more productive.
My three time saving methods for article writing.
1- Write First Edit Later - I'm so thankful I discoverd this early on in my writing career. In fact I learned this back in my high school days, which were pre-PC, by the way. There seems to be a belief by some that if they edit on-the-fly, they will have less editing to do after the article has been written. There is truth to that, however the loss of spontaneous creativity will inevitably slow your writing process to a point where saving a few minutes at the end for editing will be meaningless. If I were allowed only one recommendation to someone who wanted to write faster, it would be; "Write First, Edit later". It makes that much of a difference.
2-Use an Outline for Your Article - Referencing a thought mentioned in the previous tip, one of the simplest, yet most effective concepts of writing faster is to keep the thoughts streaming from your brain to your page. This is true whether you are using a keyboard, or hand writing your draft.
When outlining, you are essentially writing about what you intend to write about, seems redundant I know, but it works masterfully at keeping your keyboard humming.
A typical three hundred word article will genereally contain four or five paragraphs. If that's what you are writing, start your outline with a sentence about the main idea you would like to share (your thesis), then write 3 or 4 thoughts that support your thesis, these will be developed into individual paragraphs. Conclude by writing a sentence about your closing paragraph; the final statement which should tie in to your original premise. - Research: The 3 and 5 Paragraph Thesis
3-Determine when Your Best Time to Write Is - For most of us, there are times of the day or evening, when we simply cannot get our thoughts together. During those times, it is generally futile to attempt to write "anything", with the exception of maybe a reminder to finish your article later.
Determine what time of day you write the best, and try to perform the bulk of your writing activities during those hours. For me it is early in the morning, my writing day usually begins a couple of hours before the sun comes up. For some of you it may midnight. In my instance, by late evening I can barely remember my name, let alone how to write it down.
Each of us has their own time of day when we can write our best. Find the time when you do your best writing, and do the bulk of it during those hours. Thirty minutes of writing productivity is certainly more valuable than several hours of flawed attempts.

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